Give Yourself a Break

Give Yourself a Break The older I get the more I cherish time to “take a break”.  Take a break from returning work related emails or from thoughts that start with “I should” or from looking at the time and wondering how I am going to get everything on my “to do” list done in […]

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Saturday chores

Saturdays   Growing up for me and sisters meant that on a Saturday morning we got up, put on our jeans and gym shoes (keds) and started in with Saturday chores.  There was always something to clean.  My mom started working full time when I was in 5th grade so the house, although always very […]

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Bacon Egg Breakfast

Bacon and Eggs I love bacon and eggs for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  I love toast with jelly and I really love dunking my over-easy eggs in ketchup.  So, what does this mean to someone that wants to watch calories, cholesterol, sugar, their weight?  Maybe breaking this down will help. How many calories in one […]

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I Love Chocolate

I Love Chocolate   I consider milky confection to be the best medicinal product in the world.  Ok, I am exaggerating a bit; but when you love chocolate, you can justify eating it anytime of anyday.  Just reach in and pick your pleasure.   It can be found in cake, in coffee, in frosting, in brownies, […]

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Pizza-Burgers-Donuts-Candy Bars-YES…YES…YES NO? All in Moderation :)

Welcome to “You Are What You Eat”; a place to talk about Vitamins, Supplements, Eating Healthy, and yes….exercise.  Here you will find great information on making choices while out to breakfast, lunch or dinner.  We will answer questions about whether calorie counting really works.  How about great recipes, easy, quick and healthy?  We will also […]

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