NRA is the most important organization to preserve gun rights

There can be no question that the NRA is one of the most important organizations in the world when it comes to the preservation of gun owner rights. I think everyone should join the NRA, and contribute to it whenever, and as much as they can afford.  I enjoy their magazines, and I am recommended […]

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Concealed weapon

Concealed Weapon

One of the things that I am at asked about the most is what kind of weapon should I carry if I am going to carry a concealed weapon. This question about a concealed weapon is important and no one should make this decision quickly or without giving it a lot of thought and consideration. […]

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Gun Value, Love, and Money

Generally I tell people to buy what they like and the gun value follows.  If you love it, chances are someone else would love it as well. One of the attractions I have always had toward gun/firearms is that some of them can be very valuable, and very often, the people that own them have […]

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The Gun Gene

 So let me spend a little bit of time talking about this weird concept I have about the gene that could create an interest in something like firearms.  So where did I come up with this idea?  First of all it occurred to me that I am very different from most people, but I have […]

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Guns God Country Forever

I guess you could call me a gun guy, gun appraiser, patriot, and published author of several gun books.  I have been very interested in guns since I was about five years old.  By six, I had my first firearm.  Of course my access to it was totally restricted, but, nevertheless, it was my mine… […]

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