Socialist Terrorist

So I get the title is provocative; it seems that our liberal media has taken a page out of the Socialist terrorism play book. The conservative media has done its own thing that either spurs the the liberal  Socialist Terrorist media or combats the liberal media.  I don’t have this part completely vetted in my […]

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Little Marco

Little Marco

We had a week full of things to talk about, I hardly know where to start.  I saw the Sunday morning shows today and Little Marco showed up. So I’m a person of first impressions and then build on those impressions.  When I first took notice of Marco Rubio, I thought he looked like a […]

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Illegal Aliens Voting:

The idea of illegal aliens voting continues to suck up band width in our daily conversation.  Why you ask, well In My Opinion, where there is smoke there is fire.  Now, no one really knows how large the problem is, and some do not want to even try and figure this out.  Several administrations have […]

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In my Opinion: Obama Care Legacy or Not

So I built an computer driven algorithm  business model for Obama Care.  I used the architecture from marketing algorithms from a well known business school.  I entered all of the relevant variables and and started plotting possible outcomes.  I will not bore you with the hundreds of results except one.   The only outcome that […]

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In My Opinion: Unintended Consequences

Hello and thank you for stopping by and reading  this blog that covers everything from politics to life lessons.  I encourage you to comment agree disagree with my opinions.  I am not an arbitrary kind of person and have given some thought to what i write.  However, I am not a journalist, nor am I […]

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