Concealed weapon

Concealed Weapon

One of the things that I am at asked about the most is what kind of weapon should I carry if I am going to carry a concealed weapon.

This question about a concealed weapon is important and no one should make this decision quickly or without giving it a lot of thought and consideration.

Here are some of the most important things you should think about:

1.         I think you should carry a weapon that is not complicated.  This eliminates most semi automatic weapons.

2.         The most uncomplicated weapon I know of is a revolver.  This is because, all you have to do is pull the trigger to make it fire.  That is pretty darn simple.  Semi automatic pistols are very prone to jamming and misfiring, and for the unskilled and uninitiated they can be dangerous to load and unload.  Certainly semi automatic pistols have their place, but not when it comes to a civilian carrying a concealed weapon for his/her own personal defense.  That is just my belief.

3.         Revolvers are very simple to load and unload: all you have to do is open up the cylinder and remove the bullets, or put the bullets into the cylinder, close the cylinder, and you are ready to go.

4.         I think the most single most important thing in choosing a weapon to carry as a concealed weapon is to choose a weapon that you will carry every day.  Choosing a big heavy weapon to carry is most often, for most people, is a bad choice, simply, because they will not carry it every day because it is too big and heavy.

5.         I carry a model Smith & Wesson 340sc.  I carry it every day in one of the front pockets of my pants.  It is a 357 magnum, but I only carry 38 special Plus P in it because I believe that most protection situations, when you need to use a revolver, take place at less than 10 or 15 yards.  At this distance, I am not worried about doing damage to the person I am shooting at, but I am worried about recoil, because I want to always be able to re-fire my weapon, if necessary, and if the offender remains on his feet.