Newbee Hiring a Contractor…equals Disaster

When an unsophisticated individual hires a contractor to do work on his home or his business, the individual is almost immediately at a huge disadvantage:

1) the individual probably does not fully understand the contractor scope of work that needs to be done,

2) the individual probably gives up control of the deal, when he either signs the contractor’s contract, or advances money to the contractor,

3) the contractor, initially, has the control of the deal because he can lien the job if the homeowner refuses to pay, even if the job was done in a terrible manner, or even if the job was only partially complete.  This lien power is extremely important and contractors use it to mug, rob, intimidate and financially rape innocent individuals.  With these advantages, the contractor can dominate the deal, control the individual, and pretty much do whatever they want to do, whenever they want to do it.  This is something that should be avoided at all costs.  I have seen and heard countless horror stories.


If an individual wants a reasonable result, the individual should never give up control of the deal to the contractor, and the homeowner should always take his time to do the deal correctly.  If he does not, is more than likely he is going to get into trouble.  It is this kind of trouble that can cost someone a lot of money.