Dan Moore – Life Story #2

In the summer of 1979, I decided to go to youth church camp. It was the third week in June. The speaker was Don Engram and I did what in Christian circles was called “being born again”. To those that are not in Christian circles, this meant that I no longer followed my own will, but that of Jesus Christ for my life. This is a decision that turned my life toward a better purpose.

Later in that week, I met a young lady that would turn out to be my wife, Elizabeth. She was 13 at the time and I was 16. The second-best decision of my life.

I lived out the summer as a normal teenage boy and went back to school for my senior year of high school. As I looked to my future, I couldn’t see myself going to college and studying books. I thought about a career in the Armed Services, particularly the Air Force. After consulting with my father, I chose vocational school and earned an unaccredited Associate Degree in Electronic Technology. And so my days as a geek began.

I have been a very competitive person, but only in the area which I believe counts, and that’s in business.

I left home two weeks after my graduation from high school and started my vocational schooling. I supported myself and paid for my schooling with no help from my family. A year into my two-year school, I got a full time position in the electronic field. This job was given to me by my future father-in-law. Having to prove myself, I worked hard after a heart-to-heart talk from my father-in-law/boss about my attitude.

Working 40 hours and going to school 20 hours per week added up to a very busy me. I was also dating my boss’s daughter. A very busy teenager is someone who doesn’t have time to get into trouble.

This internal drive would set the stage for my job career….