Dan Moore – Life Story #3

Well starting a career instead of working at a job happened when I was 18 years old. It was fortune some would say, while others would say “It who you know, not what you know” well as a person of faith, I believe that it was me following that greater path in life and not seeking out what “I” would want.

The job working fulltime was in Fort Wayne, Indiana at One Summit Square taking care of the building automation systems. Having worked there a few years, I was offered and accepted a position at a company which moved me to Chicago, where I would work and live for 32 years.

I moved up in the new company and would eventually be the service manager at the age of 24 with 1.2 million dollars of annual service contract, which were under my direction on the engineering side of the business.

After 7 years working and moving up in that organization, I moved on to a mechanical engineering firm and really didn’t fit, although I worked there 7 years too, I never found my stride in what I was doing.

I then signed up for and entered night school to get a Microsoft certification, which was 1998 and the IT field was just starting to take off. I finished the classes and received my first IT certification. A Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer in Windows NT 4.0. Know in the industry as a MCSE.

I started working then as a training instructor for a software distributor in the manufacturing software field. This was a major stepping stone to what would be the job that would propel me into owning my own company.

I went on to get further certifications, MCT and CCNP. Having got those certifications, I started working for a Cisco Systems Silver Partner and then found that I was good at the IT networking field. I loved this job and was able to troubleshoot pretty much anything that came my way in networking.

This company fell on hard times and I moved on…..