Dan Moore – Life Story #4

After working for the Cisco Silver Partner, I went to a firm that had a much broader practice, serving both Cisco networking clients and Microsoft Operating System clients. I learned at this job my ability to relate as a geek to the customer with interpersonal skills. I found that the ability to relate to the customer in a personal way and still having very good technical skills, resulted in my becoming one of the top two systems engineers.

I worked for this company during 9/11 and the bottom fell out of the economy. I moved on to another firm that had a service practice started by a boss from this firm. Having only a short time with this new service practice startup division, the company bought a whole service company and I was no longer needed. That’s when I started my own IT consulting firm.

With my interpersonal and technical skills, I built the business to a multi-million-dollar consulting firm and that’s where I’m at today.

Going back to the personal side of my life, my wife Beth and I worked on having children and we found that we were not going to physically be able to have our own biological children. We tried AI and IVF and neither worked. At this point we applied to an adoption agency and were blessed with two children.

I now reside in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex after living in the Chicago suburbs for 32 years.