The idea for a global regional news website called Three D News™®.

Recently the media, journalist, and global regional news have earned a few new designations like, Liberal Media, Liberal Left Wing Media, Fake News, and other less polite titles.  Some of these titles placed on the media and journalism are deserved and some are probably not deserved.  This is part of what is confusing about the media today.  We the viewing public had confidence that what we saw and/or heard was happening.  With the advances in media communication and the velocity by which information moves today information sometimes does not come through proper channels and is not fully vetted for accuracy.

There has been an shift in modern global regional news since the first words were spoken and the first type was set.  I have come to the conclusion that whatever brand of news I watch they are selling their version of the truth and reality.  Not a unbiased accounting of the events. As I wrestled to get my arms around this reality, I thought how two dimensional this form of media has become. Thus, it was not interesting, nor did I have faith in the information I am receiving. Now overlay this with the fact that I had just been in Las Vegas for the HUGE tech conference, where everyone is pushing 3 D technology screens.

The Vision is to have a site where you can get all the information about any news worthy event from a multitude of sources on a global and regional news outlet. There are usually differing opinions about how facts and events are interpreted. Now with a key stroke you can have a better picture of how the day, week, and year is unfolded. Additionally, we are going to be the first News Channel that will have 3 D capability. Computer and Smart phones are pushing hard on this technology, and we are going to be on the forefront of this explosive and exciting technology.

Global Regional News:

Three D News™® is a site that will actually have 3D content and gives the visitor enough information so they are not left in a 2 dimensional understanding of world and regional events.

I hope you are as excited about this site as I am. Thank you for reading about Three D News™®.  I appreciate you sharing in our vision.



TAs with all things change is enviable.  Here at 3D News we are going to change our format and message.  You can still link to all of the other news outlets from our site, I feel I owe this to you so you can make the choice.  There is power in choice.  Our new format will include Facts and Editorials.     You will no longer have to decide if it is to far one way or the other.  We will report on facts.  You can be left to speculate and so can our editorials.

STAY TUNED 🙂 Thank you!