The Good the Bad the Ugly

Contractors :  They can be good, they can be bad, and they can be very very ugly.  80 percent plus of contractors are crooks.

A little background about myself:  I live in Colorado and have been investing in real estate for over 30 years.  Today, I have over 60  plus remodel projects completed.  I own dozens of rental houses and 4 apartment buildings.  I have owned 37 businesses, and had 36 successes.  I am absolutely debt-free.  I am a self made multi-millionaire.  Consequently, over the years, I have dealt with hundreds of contractors, and thousands of tenants.  Some of my experience with contractors have been ok, but most have ended up in some kind of dispute; some of the disagreements have been quite severe and complicated.

However, using my methodologies and strategies, I have always ended disputes with a satisfactory conclusion.  Smaller contractors are generally under capitalized to a point that they often run into problems doing what they say they will do in the time frame that they say they will do it.  Further complicating the project is that fact that they have no time, no money, which leads to the last complication, they do not do the work to the original specifications and quality.  I have been here, now I wrote a book.

I admit that some of my problems are because I want to save money.  This desire to save money often times leads me to accept the lowest bid.  In business, there are very few problems that money will not solve!  Therefore, if you throw enough money at a project your chances of having a problem free project are excellent. However, throwing money at a project is not something that I enjoy, and I rarely employ this methodology to avoid problems.  I have found out that if your willing to take a little hassle and if your you employ the right methodologies and strategies, virtually all problems with contractors can be controlled and brought to a successful conclusion.

I believe that if you follow my system diligently and without taking any short cuts, my system is virtually bullet proof.