Guns God Country Forever

I guess you could call me a gun guy, gun appraiser, patriot, and published author of several gun books.  I have been very interested in guns since I was about five years old.  By six, I had my first firearm.  Of course my access to it was totally restricted, but, nevertheless, it was my mine… All mine!  Even way back then, when I was five and six years old, I was different.  I was obsessed/addicted to guns, not to shoot them, but to hold them and appreciate them; I was inspired by them.


I heard my Mother grow out of it, but I never did.  I finally figured out that I just could not help myself.  It was a part of me; it was a total mental and emotional and almost physical attraction to firearms.  Being around them made me happy and satisfied.  It was almost the same feeling, only better, that I got when I ate at the Oasis Café in Dillon, Montana and had their big hamburger called Sixteen Tons on a Bun.


I have been asked many times, by almost everyone I know at one time or another, what is it about guns that makes them so attractive to me.  I have done a lot of soul-searching on this, and I really have no good explanation.  Years ago, I finally decided there must be a “gun gene;” there really cannot be any other good answer.  This is a gene that, for the most part, is restricted to the male sex.  I have met some women that actually have a great affection for firearms, but their affection does not go so far so that it might be called an addiction/obsession.  That is what the gene does: it gives the person who has it an obsession/addiction for guns.


It is really very simple: you either have it or you don’t.  You can like guns, you can use guns, you can appreciate them, they can be a part of your life, e.g., if you are a police officer, but you can also be obsessed with guns.  When it goes to obsession you can pretty much be guaranteed that you have the gene.  Other people that have it will understand what you have, but you can be quite assured that people that do not have it will never understand your affliction.  You will always be looked at as some kind of gun freak, or some kind of gun weirdo.  While these might be true, they really do not adequately explain why one can be obsessed/addicted to firearms.  There is really only one reasonable explanation: it is either an incurable disease, or it is gene-based.  I prefer to think the latter, because the former is quite distasteful to cultured folks.  While I am a gun guy, I am also educated, cultured, and quite normal except for that gene.

Gun Appraiser: Joe Cornell, ASA, IAG, IAS