Gun Value, Love, and Money

Generally I tell people to buy what they like and the gun value follows.  If you love it, chances are someone else would love it as well.

One of the attractions I have always had toward gun/firearms is that some of them can be very valuable, and very often, the people that own them have no idea as to what they might be worth.  This is only one of the things that motivates me to be a collector and in some cases to be an accumulator.  (I will explain at a different time the difference between being a collector and being an accumulator.)


There are a couple of auction sites on the Internet where people sell guns.  I am a federally licensed firearms dealer so, consequently, I can buy guns in other places other than my home state, and have them shipped to me without having to do a bunch of paperwork.  This is very convenient, and it is a great hobby of mine to look at some of these firearm auctions sites and look for bargains.  No more than 30 days before writing this particular blog, I was looking around on the Internet on one of these auction sites and I saw a Colt of a particular model that interests me.  I took a close look at it and I could see that the gun was unfired, in its original box, in absolutely new condition, and I can see from my knowledge of this particular model of Colt, that this particular weapon had 3 factory special order features: it had special order grips, the grips were varnished, and the front sight was a specially type of flat sight that Colt was offering at the time.  To a collector of this model of Colt, this gun was a have to have.  I fooled around and watched it until it sold, and they bought it for less than 30% of actually what it was worth.


Within 10 days after having received it, I sold it to a Colt collector, and made a handsome profit of about $2000.  This is a good example of one of the reasons why I like to fool around with firearms.