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Three D News™® was hatched at about 3 am one sleepless night. My evening ritual has been to watch a bit of news before drifting off to sleep. That evening like a ton of bricks, I came to realize, what ever brand of news I was watching was selling their version of the truth and reality through a news editor. Not a unbiased accounting of the events and current news. I thought how two dimensional this form of media had become. Thus, it was not interesting, nor did I have faith in the information I was receiving. Now overlay this with the fact that I had just been in Las Vegas for the HUGE tech conference, where everyone is pushing 3 D technology screens.

I woke up in a sweat, proceeded to my GoDaddy account and registered Three D New.

The Vision is to have a site where you can get all the information you like about any news worthy event from a multitude of sources. There are usually differing opinions about how facts and events are interpreted. Now with a key stroke you can have a better picture of how the day, week, and year is unfolded. Additionally, we are going to be the first News Channel that will have 3 D capability. Computer and Smart phones are pushing hard on this technology, and we are going to be on the forefront of this explosive and exciting technology.

Three D News: A site that will actually have 3D content and gives the visitor enough information so they are not left in a 2 dimensional understanding of world and local events.

I hope you are as excited about this site as I am. After explaining the concept to a dozen top executives, tech titans, and social media gurus, they all gushed that the site had star power. Every person I asked to be a part of the site, from development, to our unique “Mega Blog”, agreed on the spot!

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We are always looking for talented news editors and contributors to our site.

Here are the positions we are always growing:

Content Editor:

Mega Blogger: A person that wants to blog and have a following on 3 D News.

Anonymous Contributor: Many People have something to say, we are happy to post anonymous contributors. The only 2 rules are that you use no bad language and that nothing distasteful. Distasteful and controversial are not the same thing. Just because you send a piece in does not guarantee that it will be added to the site. *

On the Street Contributor:

For the right individual we are prepared to give a contributor a “Top” spot on the website.

We are always looking for on the ground content. News, life, love, jobs, in your opinion. Send us thoughts and have them viewed and loved by thousands…really millions….even bilions.

Thank you, hope to hear from you!!!