No Coffee, No Comment

As a conservative, I’ve prided myself on having a respectable conversation with those that oppose my viewpoint. I say my opinion and will respond to an online post a time or two, but then it becomes fruitless after a brief time, if the other side is adversarial.

So, I have made it a practice to offer a cup of coffee to those that want to have a respectful discussion and truly want to have interaction to learn an opposing viewpoint.

I want to show that I care and having a frank discussion with an opposing view, I have learned that anything other than a face to face confrontation will only be a waste of energy. If I’m truly supposed to show my love for my fellow man, I can’t do it with CAPS on a Facebook post or through a back and forth discussion on a Twitter feed, I need to look my friend in the eye and have a meaningful talk and walk away from it with my friendship intact.

What benefit do I gain in any way trying to convince a friend of a different viewpoint, if I’ve lost their friendship over it. It’s just not worth it.

Are there friends that will not have coffee with me, because they don’t want to hear my opinions, of course there are those, but if you are truly my friend, you will accept my cup of coffee offer and we will keep the friendship and we will have grown in our friendship and the world will be a better place, regardless of either one of us changing our minds about something that probably won’t matter a hundred years from now….

Time to turn on the coffee pot….let’s talk friend.