NRA is the most important organization to preserve gun rights

There can be no question that the NRA is one of the most important organizations in the world when it comes to the preservation of gun owner rights.

I think everyone should join the NRA, and contribute to it whenever, and as much as they can afford.  I enjoy their magazines, and I am recommended by them as a gun expert as someone who can appraise firearms properly.


One of the things that I am asked about the most is whether are not I think there are any weapons that should be banned from ownership by the general public.  I am of course against the ownership of machine guns without the proper federal paperwork and licensing requirements being enforced.  Additionally, I have no qualms or trepidations about the general public having access to military semi automatic assault rifles.


There is one other class of firearm that I do have reservations about when it comes to being available to the general public: ultra long-range 50 caliber sniper rifles.  These sniper rifles are extremely accurate and can shoot over 1 mile in distance.  I am really concerned about these rifles and the damage and terror that they might be able to create, if they were to fall in the wrong hands, e.g., terrorists.  Properly mounted in the back of a large van, or truck, they could sit off at a very considerable distance and shoot innocent and helpless individuals fairly easy at a distance of over 1 mile.  These weapons are accurate enough to easily and effectively hit a 10 inch pie plate within their range of effectiveness.


I know there are a lot of gun rights people, most all of my male friends included in that group, who think that all weapons, regardless of their firing capabilities, should be legal and available to anyone that wants to buy them legally.  However, I have my reservations about the weapons that I have described in this blog.