Pro-Choice or Pro-Life or Neither – Part 1

I have always thought of myself as a pro-life person. However, during a recent conversation with a liberal friend, she brought to my attention that most pro-lifers  weren’t necessarily pro-life, but pro-birth. This term was new to me. She went on to explain that many advocated for the birth of the child, but really didn’t care about or consider the life that child would live.  After much consideration, I believe there are probably many pro-birth people within the pro-life community.


As we continued the conversation, she let me know that she didn’t consider me a “pro-birther” but a true “pro-lifer” because my wife and I adopted when we learned we were unable to become pregnant. When we applied for adoption, we told the agency that we were open to adopting children with special needs.


Well, we adopted two wonderful children and both of them were considered special needs due to the lack of pre-natal care the birth mother received. We have dealt with some challenging issues, but most parents deal with challenges with their own biological children. So, we are no different than anyone else out there.


So my question to my friends in the pro-life community is, are you truly pro-life or just pro-birth?  If you come to the realization that you are a pro-birther, what are you going to do to move yourself from the birth column to the life column?