Pro-Choice or Pro-Life or Neither – Part 2

Today I want to talk about those on the other side of the aisle. These are the folks that call themselves pro-choice. On the surface the term seems to be very open. But actually, in my estimation, most people are not for the women having an informed choice. They are actually what I call pro-terminate, which is the equivalent of pro-birth on my side of the aisle.


The large focus today is on Planned Parenthood and the funding they receive from the federal government. As those on the opposite side of the aisle would not like their money going to a pro-life organization, we on this side of the aisle don’t want to see our money going to a pro-choice organization. The arguments will go back and forth. “They offer women other health services”.  I have yet to see that they are proficient in those services or that the monies given them from the federal government are going to anything other than abortions.


So, in my last article, I challenged my pro-life friends not to be pro-birthers, but to get involved in the life of someone who is choosing to keep their child to term and making them a productive member of society. I challenge my pro-choice friends to actually be pro-choice. Let those seeking answers when the time comes to make a hard decision, actually have a choice.


As a note, I have had to make what some would say is a hard choice. Bottom line, I have a granddaughter that is a result of a sexual assault.


Give them a choice. Let the choice be love.