Saturday chores



Growing up for me and sisters meant that on a Saturday morning we got up, put on our jeans and gym shoes (keds) and started in with Saturday chores.  There was always something to clean.  My mom started working full time when I was in 5th grade so the house, although always very tidy, needed dusting, floors washed, bathrooms cleaned etc…

Today I still think of Saturday as “jeans and gym shoes day” with chores to do.  Oh, and the chores must be done in the morning.  If you wait for the afternoon to start the chores, you are really lame.  I will have to admit that I passed this down to my children too.  Jeans and gym shoes are Saturday staple items.

One thing has changed over the years.  In the earlier days, it was unheard of to actually cook a big breakfast before starting the chore ritual.  Cereal was the breakfast of choice.  Quick, easy and NO MESS to clean up.  Today, I have a husband that cooks big breakfasts for us almost everyday and especially on Saturdays.  I like “Big Breakfast Saturday” even if it means my chores might not get done until the afternoon.