The Gun Gene

 So let me spend a little bit of time talking about this weird concept I have about the gene that could create an interest in something like firearms.  So where did I come up with this idea?  First of all it occurred to me that I am very different from most people, but I have also met other people, mostly men, who are exactly the same way.  I have also met people, mostly men, who were exactly the same way when it comes to hunting.  These interests often time exceed ordinary curiosity or fascination and they can rise to the level of addiction/obsession.
 This whole theory things started when I realized that we, I mean human beings, have only been civilized for a few thousand years, but our ancestors go back several million years.  That means that our genes have been undergoing change for an extremely long period of time.  It occurred to me then that we may be involved in a situation where our genes are evolving, getting more modern, but it also makes sense to me then that some of our genes might be quite primitive genes that have not yet evolved.  I also then concluded that there might be some of us, meaning people, who have some gene pools that are less evolved than others.  In other words, some of us may have to a greater degree a gene connection with our long ago distant relatives, who were hunters and gatherers.  It makes sense to me that because these people were involved with killing animals on an almost every day basis that some of their genes may be based around this behavior.  It makes sense to me that the most successful of the hunter gatherers would succeed at a higher level than those that were less successful.  This would mean that this would apply to not only groups of people but individuals.  If there was some individual that was extremely successful as a hunter, it makes sense to me that this person might have a greater opportunity to pass along his genes for no other reason that he might be more attractive to members of the opposite sex.  It would be something like he who has meat might, most likely, be more successful with the females of these group.  I believe that women often times, now as well as then, choose men based upon those that they would think would be better providers and better protectors for themselves and their children.
 I realize that this is all pure speculation, but it is something that I came up with probably 40 or 50 years ago.  Give it some thought.  If it has merit, perhaps it will help you better understand some of your fellow weirdoes, and if it makes no sense whatsoever, go ahead and reject it.  Either way, it has something to think about.