Good Contractor

Where Are All The Good Contractors

One of the problems in dealing with contractors is that, most of the time, when you need one, a good contractor is hard to find.  My experience has taught me that contractors who come knocking on your door, looking for work, are usually big time trouble!  However, this is how many homeowners find someone to help them with things they need done.  A lot of contractors haunt Craig’s list looking for ads that indicate that there is someone out there looking for help.  When they see one of those ads, that is when they go into action.  Some advertise at Home Depot and other places where people by construction materials and construction hardware and associated items.  Sometimes these individuals offer the clerks working at the pro-desks the commission for referrals.  When you really think about it, none of these methodologies are satisfactory.  If you are looking for a source for a small contractor that helps you know about the contractor, in terms of being a viable and credible service provider, there is not one.  It is a big gamble: contractors coming from these sources, for the most part, can be anything from the very worst to the very best.  A lot of people just take a chance that they are getting someone who is reliable, trustworthy, and honest.  However, I believe that the odds of finding a good contractor, perhaps an oxymoron, is about 2.5 to 1 against that happening.  For the most part, you have no way of knowing if the contractor you are talking to just got out of prison or jail for doing the very same thing to other unlucky individuals.  In this manner, the deck is stacked against the person who needs to hire a contractor to get some work accomplished.  What I have come to believe, when hiring a contractor, that the best defense is a good offense.